USApple Launches "Apple Summer Selfie" Contest


The U.S. Apple Association (USApple) is asking apple lovers to photograph their favorite summer moments with an apple in hand through its "Summer Selfie" Facebook contest.

"Apple Summer Selfie" encourages individuals to snap and share selfies in a summer setting with their favorite apples or apple products to celebrate the fruit's convenience and taste during the warmest months. Here's how it works:
  1. Through August 15, snap and post your "Apple Summer Selfie" to USApple's Facebook page. #AppleSummerSelfie
  2. The Apple Summer Selfies can be photos of apple lovers enjoying summer by themselves--or with friends or family--with an apple or apple product in hand, on their plate, or in the background.
  3. USApple will share fan selfies on its Facebook page and other social channels throughout the campaign and choose at least one fan's photo each week to win a special prize from one of the campaign partners: Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, Tajin, Brooks Tropicals, and Dizzy Pig BBQ.
"Apples are the most convenient and portable fruit you could ask for during summertime adventures," said Wendy Brannen, USApple's director of consumer health and public relations. "No matter your favorite variety, apples are a perfect and healthy companion to toss into a backpack during a hike, satisfy your family's cravings during a long road trip or enjoy in a warm, gooey fried pie on a Saturday picnic."

For more information and to post your Apple Summer Selfie, visit