All-America Selections Announces First Six AAS Winners for 2015


All-America Selections (AAS) announced the first of the AAS winners for the 2015 gardening season. The July announcement introduces four regional winners and two national winners, all of which are vegetables, reflecting the continued interest of consumers in edible gardens.

Regional winners are:
  • Hestia F1 Brussels sprout, Bejo Seeds (Southeast and Mountain/Southwest)
  • Parisian Gherkin F1 cucumber, Terra Organics (Northeast and Mountain/Southwest)
  • Bopak F1 pak choi, Bejo Seeds (Northeast, Great Lakes and Mountain/Southwest)
  • Sweet Sunset F1 pepper, Seminis Vegetable Seeds (Southeast, Heartland and West/Northwest)

National winners are:
  • Sandy lettuce, Terra Organics
  • Roxanne F1 radish, Bejo Seeds

These six AAS Winners were trialed during the 2013 growing season next to two other similar varieties that are currently on the market. The AAS judges grew the entries and comparisons, then did a side-by-side analysis of growth habit, taste, disease resistance and more to determine if these were truly better than those already available to home gardeners. Only those vegetables with superior taste and garden performance are given the AAS stamp of approval.

With this announcement, these varieties become available for immediate sale. Brokers and growers can purchase these varieties immediately. Consumers will find this seed for sale in the coming months as supply becomes available with catalog companies, in seed packets, from mail-order companies and various websites. AAS winners will also be available as young plants in lawn and garden retail stores next spring, in time for the 2015 gardening season.

A complete list of trial grounds and judges can be found here.

A complete list of all AAS winners since 1932 can be found here.