Miller Nurseries Joining Stark Bro's


After 75 years in business, Miller Nurseries will become part of Stark Bro's, a highly respected nursery company that's been "growing" its famous legacy since 1816.

For nearly 200 years, Stark Bro's has been producing high-quality fruit trees, berries and garden plants. With their great nursery stock and expert advice, they've been helping generations of families reap the rewards of growing their own fruits and nuts. Stark Bro's has a long-standing reputation for quality, honesty and really taking care of its customers.

John Miller, CEO of Miller Nurseries, says that when his brother David passed away suddenly last spring, he knew it was time to retire. One of the first things he did was to call Cameron Brown, the president of Stark Bro's. Miller said, "He is a longtime friend and a very trustworthy fellow, and treats his customers like gold. I knew he would take care of [Miller's customers] in exactly the same way. David would have liked this arrangement, and I take comfort in that."

It's only going to get better as part of the Stark Bro's family. Customers will be able to go to and sign in with their existing user name and password and purchase products just like they did on the Miller Nurseries website--only the selection will be much larger. Customers will still be able to buy Miller's familiar "Canandaigua Quality" hardy plants, as well as the enormous assortment of trees and plants Stark Bro's offers.

Miller said, "We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our family, our wonderful employees, and especially you--our loyal customers--for your support and patronage over these last 75 years. Thank you for being such an important part of our heritage."