USDA Helps Out Cranberry Growers


Cranberry growers across the U.S. are getting some assistance from the federal government.

"It was a phenomenal year in cranberry land," said Fred Prehn, a Wisconsin cranberry grower. "We had a big, big crop."

The problem with this is that demand has not kept up with volume, and prices have become very low. The growers are receiving between 30 and 60 percent less for their fruit.

However, Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis., announced the USDA will purchase $5 million worth of cranberries, which will be put toward food assistance programs.

Prehn says that, though pleased with the news, growers need more assistance.

"We've got to sell this stuff," said Prehn. "We will. We're going to get into Asia, into China, we're going to sell it."
For now, he has one suggestion for everyone.

"Eat some more," said Prehn. "The more you eat, the better it is for us growers to keep the price up where it belongs and at least break even."