WP Rawl Announces First-Ever Katie's Camp


This summer, WP Rawl will host a three-day camp for 12 Katie's Krops grant recipients from all across the country at WP Rawl's headquarters in Pelion, S.C. Any child who has received a grant from Katie's Krops, a nonprofit focused on empowering kids to plant vegetable gardens and donate the harvest to the underserved in their communities, is eligible to apply for a spot at the first-ever Katie's Camp.

This immersive experience will not only reward them, but will also teach them about growing practices, budgeting and giving back to their communities. The camp, scheduled for July 16-18, 2013, will also give these kids the opportunity to get to know their peers and learn from Katie herself, as well as meet special guests.

Each year, Katie's Krops opens a grant process for kids ages 9 to 16 to receive funds to plant their own gardens. This in turn helps Katie's Krops work toward the goal of having at least one garden in all 50 states. The nonprofit began in 2008 when then-9-year-old Katie Stagliano planted a tiny cabbage seedling and watched it grow into a 40-pound cabbage. After donating it to a local soup kitchen and realizing how many people she was able to feed with it, Katie decided to empower others to do the same. Today, Katie's Krops has 51 gardens in 22 states that have yielded thousands of pounds of fresh produce donated to organizations helping people in need.

"I am so proud of all of our young growers across the country," said 14-year-old Katie Stagliano. "It has been a dream of mine to meet them in person, to learn from them and further empower them to grow a healthy end to hunger in their communities. I am so grateful to WP Rawl for making my dreams a reality by hosting and sponsoring the camp and supporting our grant cycle."

Giving back to the community is important to the family-owned WP Rawl, and a partnership with Katie's Krops was a perfect match. As such, for every bag of specially marked Nature's Greens Kale and Collard Greens sold from October 2012 through January 2013, WP Rawl gave a percentage of sales to Katie's Krops and provided funding for 15 grants in 2013, along with funding the camp.

"The first time I watched Katie speak, I knew I wanted to help her cause," said Ashley Rawl, director of sales and marketing for WP Rawl. "I started thinking of ways where we could help her empower other kids to do the same thing she is already doing. Katie's Camp was born on that day and I am so pleased that we will be able to make it come to life."

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