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Thinking Outside
the Orchard

More ideas from the
Agritourism Coach

by Marcia Passos Duffy


    Our May edition features a special
Farmstand Supplement, and within that
supplement, a feature by Marcia Passos
Duffy, "Thinking Outside the Orchard."
Below are more ideas for your operation
to maximize your agritourism efforts.

        People are willing to pay money for a real farm experience, but they also want to be entertained. Families want something deeper than a farm jazzed up to look like a theme park; they want real places that create real memories for their family.
  • A hay tunnel or maze for kids to crawl through.
  • Hay jump from the top of the barn into hay.
  • A giant grain bin "sandbox" filled with toys.
  • Duck races for the kids.
  • Zip line from one end of the farm to the other.
  • Bumper boats on a pond or lake on the property.
  • Giant bungee cord slinger to launch items at targets in the field.
  • A haunted house, haunted hayride and haunted woods.
  • "Movie with a View" at dusk projected on a screen on the side of a barn.
  • Water sprinklers (a mini water park).
  • Campfire birthday party including food and a flashlight maze.
  • Host a dog park with dog competitions and training sessions.
  • Build an ice skating rink on a pond or lake to hold a "Winter Classic" tournament for high school or peewee hockey teams.
  • "Fall Foliage Tour" through the woods and fields.
  • Start a "Plant a _______ Package" where people come in and sponsor or buy a plant they can keep coming back to as it grows to check its progress.
  • Host a community garden where people can come in and plant their own crop.
  • Scarecrow building booth for the kids.
  • Scavenger hunt on the farm for farm goods and equipment.
  • Offer bike rentals for mountain bike trails throughout the back woods or back fields.
  • Host camps such as leadership, summer and overnight camps.
  • "Sleep in the straw" night: clean out the barn and put down clean straw for overnighters who sleep in a sleeping bag in the barn.
  • Get an astronomer and hold an "Astronomy Night" to provide education on the stars and include a bonfire after stargazing.
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