Growing Magazine - August, 2013


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Scientists Publish on Stinkbug's Favorite Plants

Researchers have published a list of 170 plants that the brown marmorated stinkbug (BMSB) uses for food and reproduction. "This publication will be a living document, updated regularly on the Web," said North Carolina State University researcher Jim Walgenbach, one of the scientists who contributed to the project.

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Organic Apple & Pear Challenges Addressed by TOC Research

The Organic Center is launching a project to prevent a potential catastrophe looming over organic apple and pear production in the U.S. It is working to provide the farming community critically needed information on how to prevent fire blight from decimating apple and pear orchards. It is a serious problem, and as of October 2014, American farmers will no longer be allowed to use one of the key control agents, oxytetracycline.

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SWD Breakthrough Could Mean Less Pesticide

The spotted wing drosophila can be better controlled through strategic timing of insecticide applications linked to circadian activity and detoxification gene expression, according to research by scientists at the University of California, Davis. In pioneering research, a four-member team sought to find out the pest's response to insecticide toxicity and whether it could be predicted through the integration of circadian activity and gene expression profiles.

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Hoober Locations to Carry Lanco Spreaders

Hoober, Inc. has joined the Lanco Mfg. dealership network and will represent the company's complete line of lime, litter and fertilizer spreaders. "We're really happy about adding Lanco spreaders to the equipment we offer our customers," said Chuck Hoober of Hoober, Inc. "From the quality of the design and construction, to delivering a superior lime and litter spread pattern, Lanco spreaders appeal to farmers in our region."

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