Growing Magazine - March, 2014


Sprayers & Applicators

A1 Mist Sprayers Resources

Spray applications up to 140 feet without a boom. Low-volume mist/air-blast sprayers for spraying fruit and vegetable crops, vineyards, orchards and groves., 877-924-2474


The self-propelled RG700 RoGator features the AWD Smart Drive System, adjustable track widths, even weight distribution and six-post cab design., 877-525-4384

Chemical Containers

The EZE-Dose comes in 15, 35 and 60-gallon skid units with a two-pump system. The EZE-Drench is available in 15, 35 and 55-gallon skid units with aluminum frames., 800-346-7867

Danville Industries

The Growers' Special features a 12-gallon tank capacity, roller width up to 72 inches, multi-position wheel adjustments and heavy-duty pneumatic tires., 800-662-4212

Dramm Corp.

The BP-4 rechargeable backpack sprayer ensures even flow rates. Dual fan nozzle sprays a select area, and adjustable cone nozzle sprays a stream or fine mist., 800-258-0848

Edney Distributing Co.

Jacto air-blast and cannon sprayers are designed to provide effective coverage of fruit and vegetable crops by using air assistance to enhance canopy penetration., 608-742-1237


Venturi air sprayers feature the latest technology in low-volume spraying for better coverage from smaller, more uniform micron droplet sizes and less wasted product., 800-833-3023

GK Machine

The 4W6 features a pressurized cab, 155 or 185 hp Cummins engine, 30-inch ground clearance, oscillating frame, automatic load leveling and full-time four-wheel drive., 503-678-5525

Greenleaf Technologies

The TurboDrop Asymmetrical DualFan air injection nozzle sprays two to four times in one pass, with 10-degree forward and 50-degree rearward spray patterns., 800-881-4832

HARDI North America

The Zaturn features a 270 or 500-gallon polyethylene tank, two-row boom, adjustable swivel hitch, two-section electric controls and 30, 32 or 36-inch axial fan., 563-386-1730


Over 24 models of air-blast, cannon and backpack sprayers. Air-blast towers can be used for vineyards, blueberries, raspberries and most trellised fruit crops., 800-522-8610

Kennco Mfg.

The Liquid Fertilizer Injector Wheel Rig is available in single and multi-row configurations. The wheels float on top of beds or pivot for side application., 813-645-2591


The ID3 air induction nozzle for row crop spraying has a working pressure range from 30 to 120 PSI and a 120-degree, single-fan pattern., 800-777-2926


The Tifone Vento air-blast sprayer features a hot-dipped galvanized frame and fan housing. The 110-gallon polyethylene tank has a mechanical contents gauge., 336-969-0359

Martin's Repair Shop

The MRS is a 60-gallon trailer sprayer that can be pulled with an ATV or small tractor. It sprays a fine mist out both sides. Heads can be adjusted to any angle.


Penns Creek Welding

Sprayers with a 24-foot single boom feature 60-second manual height adjustment from 2 feet for melons to 7.5 feet for sweet corn. Hydraulic leveling., 570-837-1197

Phil Brown Welding

The Clean Sweep spray boom for orchards has a rubber whip on the outer end to lay grass down around and between trees. It is manually adjustable for row width., 616-784-3046

S.I. Distributing

MagnoJet ceramic spray nozzles are constructed of 99 percent alumina ceramic that outlasts stainless steel by 15 times and plastic by five times., 800-368-7773


Spray Innovations low-volume mist sprayers are available with two fan sizes, four tank sizes, three pumps, six volutes, and PTO or self-contained motor., 800-864-4595

Thomas Bros. Equipment

The Proptec Multi Spray is a self-contained air sprayer with a 24 hp Honda engine and one or two heads. It comes in skid, three-point and trailer-mount models., 866-214-6135


Spot sprayers are available with 50 and 100-gallon tanks. All models feature polyethylene tank construction and 50-foot hoses on 100-foot-capacity hose reels., 866-5TURFEX


The Tip Wizard tool, available online or as a smartphone app, provides information on droplet size, drift potential and coverage for each tip at all pressures., 877-968-7695